What is Seed Pen

The Pens That Not Only Reduce Plastic Waste But Also Have Seeds That Grow into Trees!. its made up of recycled paper

These paper pens, a great alternative to plastic ballpoint pens, don’t just address the plastic menace but also contain seeds that can grow into trees.  

Once a pen has been used up, it can be just be planted into the soil. The seed will sprout from the bottom of the pen.

capsule seed.jpg

Seed at the bottom inside capsule

In this model seed is visible . once it touch with water , the capsule will dissolve in water and seed comes out side

seed in cap.jpg

Seed Below the ring

In this model Seed is not Visible, you can feel by touching on it

back seed hole.jpg

Space for Put Seed in Bottom of pen

In Some countries seed are restricted to import.Seed can fixed by customer


Seed Kept inside the bottom

Inner Diameter if 5 mm . in this model customer can insert seed and just shape it .

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A Pen with Metal Refill after Crush the paper

plastic refill crush.jpg

A Pen with Plastic Refill After Cutting with a Blade

Seed sprount from pen.jpg

Paper pen with plastic cap

after usgae pen is planted.jpg

Pen planted to soil

Sprout will come in 3-5 days

Specifications of pen

Length - 12-13 cm Weight - 4-10 gram Diameter - 7-8 mm